Busnes bach? Newydd ddechrau?

Rydan ni wedi bod yn helpu busnesau ehangu trwy ynysoedd Prydain am dros 100 mlynedd – felly mae’n saff i ddweud fod gennym dipyn o brofiad ar sut orau i’ch helpu ffynnu.

Os am lyfr anfonebon neu becyn llythyron a slipiau cyfarchion, cardiau busnes a ffolderi – rydym yn gallu gwneud y cyfan o dan yr un to, gyda chymorth ein staff gwybodus sydd yma trwy’r amser i’ch helpu ar hyd y ffordd.

Cysylltwch â ni i weld sut mae W O Jones yn gallu helpu CHI dechrau


Get Noticed………..

Flyers are a particularly efficient promotional tool. They allow any business, big or small, to get noticed by the right customers at a cost effective price, without being complicated or time consuming.

A great source of information

The flexibility of design means that any potential clients get more information than just the usual contact details you would find on a business card, combine this with a more mass market approach and you essentially have a poster!

Any time, any place………..

Flyers and leaflets can be given to anyone, at anytime and any place. Keep them in your office for customer reference, send them out to existing clients and new contacts, or hand them out in person at an event of in the street. These simple yet effective things can be passed easily from person to person like a formal word of mouth, promoting your business far and wide, or can be kept by your customers for when they need you most.

We can offer ANY type of flyer and leaflet design and all can be handled in house. These could be -

  • Standard Flyers
  • Laminated flyers
  • Die cut flyers
  • Printed leaflets
  • Folded leaflets
  • Flat leaflets

Your options are infinite!


Llyfrynnau, Cylchgronnau, Adroddiadau

Image is Everything

Your brochure reflects your business, the quality and value you offer, your professionalism. You only have a few seconds to capture your customer’s attention. Whether you are a start-up or a corporation with a long history, your brochure must instantly convey excellence, style and trustworthiness. Remember, your brochure is an invitation for your customer to do business with you. We want them excited about what you can do for them.

Great brochures come is many colours, shapes and sizes. The first important decision you must make is what is the purpose and use of your brochure. We can create a brochure that will work effectively for your company and fit your budget. We’ll show you the tricks of the trade to cut costs and maximise impact. Using the best quality stock, photography and terrific design, we’ll create a vibrant brochure for you, no matter what your budget.