At W O Jones we are dedicated to ensuring that our printed products meet our customers requirements.

We do this by making sure that we agree fully with what our customers want and then applying rigorous processes to make sure that is what we deliver both in terms of product and service.

We are continually improving our activities and make use of measurable objectives which are reviewed regularly to maintain our customer focus.

We believe in the concept of the customer and the supplier working together in pursuing this policy and continually striving for improvements in quality. All the company’s employees must have a positive commitment to quality and respond quickly and effectively to achieve the performance standards required of them to get it right first time, every time.

The quality policy is based on these following fundamental principles.

  • The definition of quality is conforming to requirements having specified very carefully the needs of our customers and giving due account of our own processes and to that of our suppliers.
  • The system of Quality Management concentrates on prevention, looking at our processes, identifying the opportunities for error and taking action to eliminate them.
  • The standard of quality to eliminate problems before they occur by getting it right first time.
  • The measurement of quality is the cost of non-conformity and the eventual cost of getting it right.

Total quality is a permanent feature at W O Jones. On–going training and practical assistance will ensure that the policy will be implemented, monitored and maintained in a continuous improvement programme. We set and regularly review quality objectives and monitor our achievement.

Quality Management Accreditation

W O Jones Printers Ltd has achieved ISO 9001 Accreditation

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